Everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your RPB T-Link.

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Set up your T-Link for use with the RPB PX5 PAPR

Replace the Tychem hood

Set up your T-Link for use with the RPB PX4 PAPR

Frequently asked questions about the RPB T-Link

  • How often do I need to replace the hood? This is completely dependent on the frequency of use and the application you’re working in. Applications with dust hazards may last longer than those with overspray, such as painting. Make sure you’re completing daily seal/tear checks of the material to ensure your safety.
  • Can the T-Link be cleaned and disinfected? Yes, all components of the T-Link can be cleaned, disinfected, and reused. Refer to our guide for a full list of tested cleaning products.
  • Can the T-Link be used in chemical environments? Yes, with the use of the Tychem 4000 hood. Refer to DuPont’s website for specific permeation details for Tychem 4000 material.
  • Can I wipe the visor with paint thinner or gun wash? Wiping the lens may cause it to fog or smear. We recommend using the RPB 7 layer cassette lens which can be applied directly over the T-Link lens to prolong the life of the hood/lens. These cassette lenses are completely sealed around the edge to prevent paint getting between the layers, and enable you to peel off one lens at a time as overspray builds up. The T-Link hoods are also designed to be affordable, for easy replacement when needed.
  • Why does the T-Link have a plastic jaw? This is to provide support to the lens and prevent it from resting on your face while you are using it.

Learn more

For more information on the T-Link visit the product page or download the product documentation including product manuals and approval certificates from the resources page.