At GVS-RPB we like to do things differently and it’s no different when it comes to our training. To support your learning, we’ve built a training facility and put it on wheels, so no matter where you are in continental USA, we can be there.

To bring the show to you, we’ve put together everything our headquarters have (including some of the team) inside a 75ft, 60,000 pound beast of a big rig truck. Our on the road tour offers a place to learn and grow your skillset while experiencing the GVS-RPB culture no matter where you are. The truck has our full suite of products, so this can be used at trade shows or for one to one training sessions for our customers and distributors.

Current Truck Location

Pit stop at HQ!

  • Current Truck Location

    Pit stop at HQ!

Tour dates postponed - we’re parking up!

Our Big Rig is currently at HQ for a pitstop, but don't worry, we'll be back out on the road as soon as we can! Keep an eye out on this page for further updates and we'll see you soon!

Register your interest

If we’re in your neighborhood and you’d like to see us, let us know by registering your interest to organize a time.
And if we aren’t making it to your town, please let us know so we can send the rig your way!

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