"After trying the Nova 3 we found out how much we like it. We can’t imagine using anything else!"

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Since 1975, Mulberry Railcar has been offering exceptional quality in railcar cleaning, railcar repair, railcar painting, and stenciling. We are an AAR certified shop with a team comprised of committed management, hospitable salesforce, certified inspectors, quality car mechanics, switching/staging crews, quality blasters/painters/stenciling crews, and certified welders. With over 30,000 feet of track in our yards, we are able to meet the high demands of our various clients. We have ample covered track space in our repair shop and paint and blast areas giving us the ability to avoid downtime due to varying weather conditions.

In July of 2014, Mulberry Railcar was purchased by new ownership. The new ownership has a dedicated focus on safety, quality, timeliness, and satisfaction of the customers. We are concerned with building and maintaining strong relationships with our employees, our clients, and our community. We are also committed to a renewed sense of efficiency including many capital and technology upgrades as well as supplementing the existing workforce as the demands increase.

Before we switched to the Nova 3 blast hoods, our guys were claiming how uncomfortable it was being in their hoods for an 8-hour shift. We tested several brands and after trying the Nova 3 we found out how much we like it; we can’t imagine using anything else!

The price and construction of the Nova 3 when we put it side by side competing helmets. We realized where the difference in quality was, which was missing in our previous hoods (previously used Clemco Apollo helmets).

Our production has increased due to the fact that the guys are more comfortable. Also, the ease of tear-offs allows the guys to not have downtime constantly changing out their lenses.

We have saved several thousand dollars per year in production alone. The guys are much happier being in a cooler, more cushioned hood. This allows them to focus more on the task at hand. As a result of that, the guys are also able to focus on safety.

I would say that just because you have been using other hoods in the past give the Nova 3 a try. I know it is hard to consider the cost of a new hood, as well as setting up inventory for consumables, but when you factor in the savings that will result in the back end it's a no brainer. Give them a side by side comparison and let the guys who are earning your money day in and day out be your deciding factor. It is these guys that we should focus our decisions on.

RPB allows the guys to enjoy themselves at work.

About the contributor

Steven is the purchasing manager at Mulberry Railcar. Not only a veteran in the railcar repair industry, Steven is also an avid outdoorsman with a passion for fishing, hunting, and camping.

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After trying the Nova 3 we found out how much we like it. We can’t imagine using anything else!...

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