Our range of loose-fitting headtops enhance your experience of comfort through their lightweight, ergonomic designs, while offering a high level of respiratory protection through positive pressure breathing.

Our Fabrication and Welding Range

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The RPB Z-Link provides the most versatile respiratory protection available.

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The RPB Z-Link+ welding respirator provides you with unrivalled comfort, enabling you to perform at your best, for longer.

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With comfort and durability the top priority, RPB has created the most ergonomically balanced welding respirator available.

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The Z3 welding respirator combines RPB’s high quality breathing principles with leading optical technology to modernize the welding visor classic.

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Did you know?

Welding fume is classified as a group 1 carcinogen.

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Our fabrication respirators are built with your comfort in mind.

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Powered Air Solutions

Our innovative PAPR systems support user safety, comfort, and offer practical functionality for a range of different applications.

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Filtration Efficiency

Our range of filters and cartridges remove up 99.97% of particulates and contaminants down to 0.12 microns and a range of gases from the ambient air around you.

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Supplied Air Solutions

Our supplied air, filtration and monitoring range gives you the confidence knowing that your air supply is safe to breathe.

Case study: Z4 with PX4 PAPR

Pacific Fishermans Shipyard

" I really liked it. It was a lot more comfortable than I expected it to be, taking a glance at it I thought I’d be a little heavier. I didn’t think I’d get as much movement in my head as I’m welding but it turned out to fit very nice and felt really good. I was getting that fresh supply within the hood, which really helped my breathing."

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