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We have over 30 courses available covering everything from the very basics such as 'What is a PAPR?', through to information on exposure limits, industry hazards, and respiratory protection programs. Read on below for an overview of our course catalog.

GVS-RPB Learning Hub Course Catalog

RPB1150 101

Respiratory Protection 101

If you're new to respiratory protection then this is the starting point for you. This collection of courses will introduce you to the importance of respiratory protection and cover important topics such as what is a PAPR, what is SAR, understanding the terminology, and respiratory protection programs.

RPB1150 102

Respiratory Protection 102

Dive deeper into the world of respiratory protection with this collection of courses to gain a better understanding of exposure limits, and the importance of comfort and productivity.

RPB1150 Using your respirator

Using Your Respirator

These courses will show you how to correctly and safety don and doff your respirator, and how to look after your respirator including cleaning and maintenance.

RPB1150 Workplace Hazards Thumbnail

Workplace Hazards

This collection of courses covers a wide range of hazards that can be found in the workplace and how these risks can be mitigated. Topics include heat stress, silica, welding fume, eye protection, head protection and more.

RPB1150 How to Z4 Thumbnail

Product How-to Video Series

Video series demonstrating how to set up, use and maintain your respirator.

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