Idea Submission - Policy

At GVS-RPB, protecting people for life’s best moments drives everything we do. We are a global team dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries of respiratory protection. Through new and innovative technologies and designs, we are constantly advancing our product capabilities, and by listening (it’s no secret) and collaborating with our end users we continue to refine and create the world’s safest, most comfortable respirators - never satisfied with better, always striving for best.

We are thankful for all feedback we receive, and welcome innovative ideas from customers and business partners alike - we are here to listen, and we do!

However, GVS-RPB and/or GVS-RPB employees cannot accept or review submissions on a confidential basis or agree to maintain in confidence any unsolicited ideas, designs, inventions, drawings, products, or similar submissions, regardless of how such information is marked including when marked as ‘confidential information’ (collectively referred to as Submissions).

Please note, any Submissions will not be received in confidence, nor will any Submissions establish any kind of relationship with GVS-RPB. Any Submissions to GVS-RPB will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary in each instance. GVS-RPB assumes and you hereby agree, that GVS-RPB is free to use Submissions in any way or not at all and without any compensation to the Submitter.

By completing the form below, you agree that:

  • You have the right to make Submissions.
  • Your Submissions and their contents along with related intellectual property automatically become the property of GVS-RPB without any compensation of any kind to you the Submitter.
  • RPB may use and/or redistribute Submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way on an unrestricted basis, including but not limited to use in new GVS-RPB products or services or to improve existing GVS-RPB products or services.

Protecting you for life's best moments.