RPB Nova 3

What type of respirator is the Nova 3?

The Nova 3 is a loose fitting continuous flow supplied air respirator.

The side pads on my Nova 3 are too tight, how can I loosen them?

At the back of the neck pad there is an adjustment knob that adjusts the sizing of the helmet. Also, the side pads are available in 4 sizes ranging from 5mm thick up to 20mm thick (A-05, A-10, A-15 & A-20). Helmets come standard with the A-10 side pads.

What is the APF of the Nova 3?

The Nova 3 has an Assigned Protection Factor of 1000.

What is the weight of the Nova 3?

4.0lbs without the breathing tube and flow valve.

Where is the serial number located?

It will be located on the carton, on the rear of the helmet, and inside the helmet under the head liner.

RPB Nova 2000

How heavy is the Nova 2000 by itself?

3.65lbs by itself. Approximately 5lbs including the breathing tube and flow valve.

RPB Z-Link and Z-Link+

The Z-Link+ comes with the dials on the 16-871 ADF in the top position, but the visor has to be removed to adjust the settings - can the ADF be flipped so the dials are at the bottom?


What is the shade variation on the ADF?

Shade 9 in the idle state and can range up to shade 13 in the work mode state.

Experiencing issues with your ADF lens?

Read our troubleshooting guide for the 16-871 ADF Lens.

RPB T-Link

Why does my T-Link keep bowing upwards?

Make sure the airflow is running at 55-85psi. Adjusting the head harness for a better fit may also help to limit the movement of the head-top.


Experiencing issues with your ADF lens?

Read our troubleshooting guide for the 16-871 ADF Lens.

Air Supply, Monitoring & Filtration

RPB C40 Climate Control Device

What is the heating and cooling range of the C40?

The C40 will heat the ambient air temperature by 33˚F and cool ambient air temperature by 52˚F.

What CFM does the C40 require?

25 CFM (and 55-80psi). The C40 consumes approximately 20-25CFM to operate. 10-14CFM goes to the operator and approximately 10CFM is expelled out the front vent. This is how a vortex cooler separates the hot and cold air.

Why does my C40 ice up on 'heat' setting?

It's not too uncommon for the outer case exhaust to begin to ice up after a while when on hot. The easiest thing to do to is to switch over to cooler air for a minute to de-ice.

RPB GX4 Gas Monitor

What are some situations that may create carbon monoxide?

(1) When an oil lubricated air compressor gets excessively hot, it can potentially create Carbon Monoxide. (2) A truck or fork lift driving past the air intake. (3) An outdoor fire with the wind blowing to the air intake. (4) A faulty heater nearby.

Why do sensors display 1ppm to 2ppm instead of 0ppm?

This question has been asked about sensors that don’t display a reading of 0ppm when operating in the idle state. It is normal for a sensor to display between 0 – 1 and 2ppm and still be within tolerance specifications. Note that the Sensor does not display a decimal value (i.e. 0.0ppm).

Because electrochemical sensors have a +/- tolerance and calibration gas has a +/- tolerance, a display of 1ppm could be anywhere from 0.5ppm to 1.5ppm, etc.

Always rely on the final results of the Sensor Check Wizard. The wizard has a fail/pass tolerance of 2ppm. A display of 1ppm or 2ppm is actually a safer situation, than a reading of 0ppm or -1ppm, as the Monitor will alarm at 10ppm sooner.

A GX4 running Firmware v2.0.1 is safer that other devices which allow the operator the ability to turn a dial to “Zero” it out.

It is known that electrochemical sensors can have ‘calibration drift’. Sensors can also become poisoned if solvents or chemicals are introduced to the atmosphere they are sampling from.

Calibration drift can be corrected by returning the Sensor to RPB for re-calibration.

Poisoned sensors can usually be rectified by allowing the monitor to run in a clean air environment with electricity running thru the sensor for 24 to 48 hours. Air does not need to be connected.

What is the valve connection on the gas bottles?

The Zero Calibration Gas is in a steel cylinder, the valve connection is a (male) CGA600. The H2S Calibration Gas in in an aluminum cylinder, the valve connection is a (female) C-10.


What microns does the HEPA Filter filter down to?

The 03-985 filter will filter 99.97% of all particulates down to 0.15 micron.

RPB Radex Airline Filter

What is a POA (Point of Attachment)?

The last stage of the breathing air system is the proper distribution of air to the worker’s respirators. The point where the respirator hose is attached to the breathing-air system is called the point-of-attachment (POA). All POA’s are regulated by NIOSH, and must have an air pressure regulator, pressure gauge, 125-psi safety relief valve, and a quick-connect coupling approved for use by the respirator manufacturer.

What is the blow-off pressure on a Radex Airline Filter?


Can the Radex Airline Filter operate more than one airline at the same time?

Yes. The 04-900 can run up to 2 airlines. An 6-outlet upgrade kit (part # 04-960) is also available.

Why can't I get air out of my Radex Airline Filter?

Check that the regulator isn't installed backwards.

Why do I need a Radex Airline Filter?

The Radex Airline Filter removes moisture and particles from the air supplied by your compressor.

How often should the Radex Airline Filter cartridge be replaced?

The cartridge should be replaced every 3 months or 400 working hours. If you are working in a humid climate, we recommend replacing it more often.

RPB Cool Tube

What is the cooling range of the 4000-01 Cool Tube?

The 4000-01 Cold Air Tube assembly cools compressed breathing air coming into respirators by as much as 32˚F (18˚C) from ambient air temperature for cooling.

What CFM does the Cool Tube require?

15CFM (and 55-80psi). The Cool Tube consumes approx 20-25cfm to operate. 10-14cfm goes to the operator and approx 10cfm is expelled out the front vent. This is how a vortex cooler separates the hot and cold air.

Why isn't my cool tube cooling very well?

Check that the regulator on the bottom of the cool tube is not blocked and is fully open. If it is closed you will only get ambient air.

RPB Hot Tube

What is the heating range of the 4000-20 hot tube?

The RPB Hot Tube will heat compressed breathing air by as much as 30˚F (17˚C) from ambient temperature.

Why is my hot tube not heating very well?

Check the white silencer disc located at the bottom of the shut-off valve. If this is dirty or dusty it will need to be replaced. Also check that the valve is in the full open position.

Why is the bottom of my hot tube freezing up?

You have moisture in your airline - install a dryer.

RPB Breathing Airlines

Why are the breathing airlines so stiff?

One of the standards that breathing airlines have to pass is a 'nonkinkability' test. RPB breathing airlines pass this test. If the air storage is in an unheated space or if the compressor is drawing in outside cold air it can further stiffen the airline.

Do I have to use RPB air hoses? Why can't I use my own hose and my own fittings?

NIOSH approves respirators as a single unit even though there are multiple components to the respirator. The respirator system is placed under rigorous testing which ensures it is compliant with all requirements of the NIOSH regulations in Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 84. The user puts themselves at a dangerous risk when swapping out the NIOSH approved hose with other hoses on the market. These have been tested to supply the correct amount of breathing air to the respirator. Altering this can result in too little air being supplied to the user. By using a different hose, this voids the NIOSH approval, and also places the employer at risk of citations and fines by OSHA for the use of non-NIOSH-approved respirators.

Safety Essentials and Accessories

RPB L4 Light

Which respirators is the L4 Light compatible with?

The L4 Light is compatible with the RPB Nova 3 blasting respirator.

The battery sticker on the L4 Light has a temperature rating of 0-45˚C. Are these lights not recommended for working in below freezing temperatures?

The reason for the rating is that this type of battery does not charge well in temperatures below the recommended range. You should make sure to return the battery to an environment that is within the recommended range and stabilize its temperature before charging. Once charged, the light should work acceptably in lower temperature environments.

RPB Nova Talk

Does the Nova Talk in-helmet communication system have noise cancelling?

Yes, the headset is equipped with a noise cancelling "boom mic".

Is the Nova Talk Boom Mic VOX compatible?

The SPM-1400TR (Nova Boom Mic) will work using VOX as long as the radio has VOX capability and is a multi-pin model radio or a Kenwood with x01 connector. It will not work on radios by any other manufactures that have 1 or 2 pin connectors.

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