"My skin was not irritated at all (i.e. because the shoulder length hood kept it from being exposed)."

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Name: Pure Air Solutions

Location: Summer Shade, Kentucky

Product: T200 Respirator

Industry: Fogging

The primary reason I purchased a PAPR is the constant skin irritation I was experiencing while using the standard, strap-on 3M Full Facepiece respirator.

Invariably, whenever I finished fogging, the skin on the periphery of my face (i.e. that had been outside of the protection of the respirator) would be noticeably red and irritated (and, sometimes, even slightly blistered). In fact, two weeks ago, the skin on the edges of my ears started peeling two days after a very long day of fogging (such is the potency of our Texas Chipotle Hot Nuclear Fusion BBQ fog).

This constant irritation of my skin is similar to getting sun-burned every week (which, as we all know, is not a good thing for long-term health). Therefore, I decided to try a PAPR. After one day of using it, I have the following to report.

  1. My skin was not irritated at all (i.e. because the shoulder length hood kept it from being exposed).
  2. I was alot cooler during the entire time I was fogging. In other words, because fresh, purified air was continually being blown onto my face, I was actually kept cooler (contrast that with the fact that my conventional 3M Full Faceshield respirator is always wet on the inside with condensation when I am done fogging).
  3. Visibility was greatly enhanced with the PAPR.
  4. Breathing was much easier. In other word, even though it seems like a small thing, breathing through a NON-powered respirator requires more effort (slight though it may be) because the user has to draw the air through the filter cartridges. However, with a PAPR, the electric motor does all the work and delivers a constant supply of fresh air to the user. In other words, breathing is as easy as it is when you are NOT wearing a respirator.
  5. I was able to wear my headset while fogging and make / receive phone calls (hands free) while fogging. In the past I would have to step outside in order to take of the respirator (or else try to shout through the respirator on speaker phone).

When all is said and done, I was not nearly as tired when I finished fogging because I was cooler and had been breathing easier.

The manufacturer is careful to state that these devices are not to be used in conditions that are immediately threatening to life or health, yet they sell them with multi-gas cartridges to capture life and health threatening gases (e.g. ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, etc.). I guess that is a liability issue on their part. Also, it is due to the fact that if the motor stops running, you have no protection. On the other hand, with the standard, non-powered 3M respirator, you can knock your head on something, be rendered unconscious, and still breath safely for hours until some finds you because there is nothing to fail. I actually “fretted” over that a bit but decided that it was untimately a bit irrational and that a more realistic concern is the long-term health effects of constant skin irritation.

The unit I purchased is their T-200 with a should length, sealed-seam hood, and the standard head gear (i.e. no need, in my opinion, for a “bump cap” or hard hat). During this month they also send me an extra battery for free.

I did not order a backpack harness, but I may do that in the future.

The filter I used yesterday was their AG/OV/HE. It worked fine (no peracetic acid odors detected while fogging). I also ordered a Multi-Gas filter. Both filters capture PAA as well as providing HEPA filtration.

They have a 30-day free trial period wherein you give them a credit card number (to cover the product) and then have 30-days to actually use it and evaluate it. If you don’t like it, they charge you only $75 for the return.

My set up cost me a little more than $1,200.00. That aint’ “chump change”, but I, personally, consider it well worth it.

Those are my thoughts for what they are worth.

Happy fogging!

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My skin was not irritated at all (i.e. because the shoulder length hood kept it from being exposed)...

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