Everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your RPB Nova 3.

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How to replace the main lens

How to replace the inner lens

How to replace the cape

How to replace the helmet padding

How to replace the visor

How to replace the gasket

How to replace the latch and hinge block

How to replace the air inlet

How to replace the ratchet strap

Frequently asked questions about the RPB Nova 3

  • The Nova 3 only has an NRR of 7, do I need additional hearing protection? The Nova 3 has an NRR of only 7 as the rating takes an average across all frequencies. Because the Nova 3 performs poorly in the low frequency range, this lowers the overall rating. However, given that the noise from blasting is very high frequency the Nova 3 actually provides a very high degree of hearing protection. When used in the conjunction with ear plugs, the Nova 3 is able to offer a NRR of 33.
  • How does the Nova 3 boost productivity? The Nova 3 is fully padded, this makes it more comfortable which in turn can make operators more productive. Using the RPB cassette lens system (consisting of one outer lens and 5 tear-off lenses), can also help to reduce downtime, as operators can freshen their field of view instantly, saving them on average 48 minutes per day.
  • Does the lens fog? No, incoming air is directed across the breathe zone and lens, this prevents fogging from occurring.
  • The Nova 3 is padded, does this create hygiene issues? The padding on the Nova 3 is removable and can either be replaced or washed in a cool wash.
  • How difficult is the safety lens to replace? The Nova 3 has a unique way that the safety lens fits into the visor. Rather than having to press it into a gasket, the safety lens fits into a frame that then simply clicks into position, making it very quick and easy to replace.
  • My side pads keep falling out, how do I stop this? When the side pads are installed into the helmet, the side pad frame must click into place both at top and bottom. If you don't hear two positive clicks, then you likely don't have them installed correctly meaning they could fall out.

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For more information on the Nova 3 visit the product page or download the product documentation including product manuals and approval certificates from the resources page.