We’re changing the face of trade shows and training!

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2020 was a year that changed the way we do everything. How we work, how we interact, how we carry out business. Although change like this can be difficult and challenging, we’ve embraced it and searched for solutions that enable us to be better at what we do. What started off as a crazy idea, soon became a reality, and so we’re incredibly excited to present to you the latest edition to our RPB fleet, the RPB Big Rig.

We really missed connecting with you all face-to-face, at shows, and travelling around this great country of ours, so it made complete sense for us to bring the show to you. We had a vision of a training facility and a travelling roadshow that could reach even the most remote areas of the United States, so we purchased a 75ft truck and put all the important stuff from our headquarters (including some of the staff) in it and now we’re on the road!

Inside the Truck

What’s on offer?

The two main purposes of the truck is to have a physical showcase of our product range and to provide hands on training to maximize your use of time. Every location that the Big Rig parks up at will have an RPB team member onsite ready to help - whether you’re an existing distributor wanting a refresher session, a potential distributor wanting to know more about our product range, or an end user needing to train your team on your new respirators. Whatever your need, we can be there to help you every step of the way!

RPB Learning Truck Web Map

Where can I see the Big Rig?

Check out our tour location dates to see when we’re in your neighborhood next! If we aren’t quite making it to your area and you’d like us to visit, then let us know by registering your interest below!