Super Bowl LV brings hope of normality for frontline healthcare workers.

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After what can only be described as a year of hell, the Super Bowl LV has provided a desperately needed escape and sense of hope for over 7500 healthcare heroes as tickets are gifted by the NFL to those fighting on the front lines.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Carol St. Henry, who works at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital in Pontiac has described the Coronavirus pandemic as the scariest thing she has ever been through in her 31 years of service. Throughout the pandemic Carol has been a vital member of the team, supporting her colleagues to deliver healthcare right now when it is needed the most, ensuring the safety of her community.

When Carol heard that the NFL were going to be gifting tickets to vaccinated first responders and medical personnel, she decided to write directly to the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell to consider her; and to her surprise, he wrote back and Carol was lucky enough to be gifted with tickets to one of the most coveted sporting events in the world.

On her time at the Super Bowl – “The NFL made us feel so special and to sit in the stands and watch football was so exciting because you could feel hope that we will all be able to get back to normal.”

The vaccinated Healthcare workers were all treated to a private concert before the Super Bowl and standing shoulder to shoulder brought a sense of normality back to everything. Carol found it very special to be celebrating all their hard work, especially with the other healthcare workers who understand exactly what each other has been through.

For Carol, it’s important to celebrate all the hard work that everyone does in the hospitals, not just the doctors, nurses and CRNAs. It’s also the transporters, secretaries, scrub techs, everyone that’s involved in the hospital. To Carol, it’s a team that does this and she just feels so fortunate to represent them all.