We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Environmental Health and Safety Officer Carl Harper about his experience of overseeing those working on the frontline in a COVID-19 unit. He discussed the positive impact our respiratory protection was having not only with his staff’s ability to provide high quality care, but to also connect with people. By having their faces clear and free of any obstructions, physicians and nurses have been able to develop and maintain a human connection with their patients through wearing loose-fitting respirators.

His experience supports our research along with many others who have examined the relationship between visibility of the face and patient recovery. Through creating PPE that supports normal human interactions patients are recovering at far quicker rates than those with PPE that covers facial features. Read our full white paper to find out more.


White paper

Patient Recovery: The Importance of Human Connection

C Harper Freeman Health



"We immediately saw that when the nurse came in the patient could see the nurse smiling. Everything lightened that patient. The patient had confidence in the clinical care they were getting. Because they could tell the nurse was not nervous, the doctor's not panicky, they're smiling, they're laughing with each other and that really improved our care, and the response we were getting from our patients."

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