Everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your RPB Z-Link, including the RPB Z-Link+ welding respirator and Z-Link Radiant Heat respirator.

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How-to Videos

Install and remove the Z-Link+ weld visor

Replace the shroud/cape

Understanding the ADF lens

Install the ADF lens

Install a peel-off lens

Install the RPB Vision-Link

Replace the air vent

Replace the jaw seal

Replace the springs and pivot points

Replace the visor and pivot assemblies

Install the Quiet-Link ear defenders

Install the FR breathing hose cover

How to set up your Z-Link respirator

How to set up the PX5 PAPR for use with the Z-Link

How to use and maintain your Z-Link and PX5 PAPR

Frequently asked questions about the RPB Z-Link

  • If I have already have a Z-Link, can I upgrade to the other Z-Link products? Yes, the Z-Link acts as the framework for both the Z-Link+ and Z-Link Radiant Heat. To upgrade, simply purchase either the weld visor or the radiant heat kit and you’re good to go.
  • I have a small head, will the Z-Link fit? Yes, the Z-Link has molded side pads that fit closely to your head, as well as the option of additional padding with the RPB Comfort-Link. On top of this, the Z-Link also has an adjustable ratchet assembly and adjustable forehead strap to provide a secure and customized fit.
  • How difficult is it to replace the visor on the Z-Link? Our intuitive design makes it simple, refer to this video for more detail.
  • I'm painting and want to use the Z-Link because of the flip up visor, what shroud should I use? We offer both a Tychem 2000 neck seal and a Tychem 4000 shoulder cape for the Z-Link.
  • Does the Z-Link have peel-off lenses? Yes, we have individual peel-off lenses, and we’re working on developing a 7 layer cassette lens.

Z-Link Radiant Heat

  • Why is the visor gold? The visor has been gold coated to help reflect radiant heat, minimizing heat transfer while ensuring eye protection.
  • Is the cape/hood flame resistant? Yes, the material protects your skin from splashes, sparks, and radiant heat.
  • Does the Z-Link Radiant Heat cool you down? Yes, if you’re using supplied air with an RPB C40 Climate Control Device, then this gives you the ability to cool the incoming air. If using a PAPR, this does not have the ability to actively cool the air, however the movement of air inside the respirator can help to provide a cooling effect.
  • Is the Z-Link Radiant Heat suitable for aluminum smelters? Yes, when paired with the PX5 PAPR, the Z-Link Radiant Heat provides optimal respiratory protection and is intrinsically safe.
  • How much radiant heat can the Z-Link Radiant Heat withstand? The complete system has been tested and used in areas with a radiant heat temperature of up to 3000˚F.
  • If the front aluminum cover piece wears out, do I need to replace the whole aluminum cover? No, the aluminum cover is made up of 3 parts. The shroud, top cover, and rear cover. The top cover is exposed to more direct radiant heat, so will likely need to be replaced sooner that the others.
  • Can I replace just the gold visor? Yes, the Gold Visor is replaceable and comes with pivot points ready to clip in place.
  • What if I need shade protection as well as the gold tint? A variation of the gold visor is available with a shade 5 tint, for areas where protection from light is needed. The gold tint visor also offers a shaded level of protection because of the tinted coating also.
  • Am I still protected if I lift up the gold tint visor? Yes, the gold tint visor clips on over the top of the standard Z-Link impact lens ensuring you are protected with Z87+ eye protection when you flip it up.

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For more information on the Z-Link visit the product page or download the product documentation including product manuals and approval certificates from the resources page.