Everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your RPB Z4.

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How to adjust your Z4

How to replace the shroud/cape

How to replace the weld visor

Understanding the ADF lens

How to replace the welding lenses

Replace the grinding lens

Replace the side lenses

Install the FR breathing hose cover

Frequently asked questions about the RPB Z4

  • I’ve broken my lens, do I need to replace the whole system?
  • No, the Z4 has a removable and replaceable ADF lens and impact lens which can be purchased individually.
  • I sometimes work in confined spaces, can I use the Z4? Yes, the Z4 can be used as a supplied air respirator (SAR) for working in confined spaces that are not at risk of being IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health).
  • When I first put the Z4 on it doesn't feel right, what adjustments can be made? When you first use the Z4, you'll likely need to adjust the head suspension to position the Z4 on your head. You can adjust the distance from the visor, and the pitch of the respirator to depending on what position you are working in to weld. The straps across the top of your head can be loosened or tightened to raise or lower the height that the respirator sits on your head. Watch our how-to video for more guidance in adjusting your respirator for a comfortable fit.

Learn more

For more information on the Z4 visit the product page or download the product documentation including product manuals and approval certificates from the resources page.