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So, you’re in the market for a welding/fabrication respirator and you’ve made the right decision to go with GVS | RPB, but you’re not sure which of our headtops will suit you better, the Z-Link®/Z-Link+® or the Z4®. This can be a tough question to answer, they’re both great products. But chances are, one will suit you better than the other, so it’s important to ask the right questions about the work you do in order to pick the right respirator.

Things to consider when choosing between
the Z-Link, Z-Link+ or the Z4:

1. Are you primarily welding or grinding?

For those who primarily work with welding, then the Z4 may be the more appropriate option of the two. This headtop is lighter weight and has been purpose-built for this process, however, still has a flip-up visor which ensures your respiratory and eye protection when grinding. If you’re completing more grinding, then the Z-Link+ could be a better choice as this gives you the option of having the clip-on welding visor, and you can also remove this completely when not in use, helping to reduce the weight of the system. As an add on, the Z-Link visor can be fitted with our tear-off lens system which lets you freshen your view in a matter of seconds and extends the life of your visor.

2. Are you working in confined/small spaces?

When the area you’re working in has limited space, then reducing the size of your PPE can be key to navigating that space. If this is the nature of your work, then the Z4 may be the better option for you because of its sleek and lightweight design, making working in these environments easier to navigate.

3. Is your peripheral field of view important?

If you work in a job that requires a lot of walking around the job site, having a wider perspective can be important to increase your safety and to reduce the likelihood of trip and overhead hazards. For these applications, the Z-Link+ would suit. If you’re working in a production line for example, then a smaller and more focused view might work better for you; in this case, we’d recommend the Z4.

4. Do you require hard hat protection?

If hard hat protection is a requirement of your job, then the Z-Link+ is the better option as this has ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class G hard hat protection. If you only sometimes work in environments where there are overhead hazards, then the Z4 may be more appropriate when used with the bump cap.

5. Does the visor need to open up?

If you work in an environment where you step in and out of respiratory hazards and need to communicate with your team, then the Z-Link+ may be a better option for you as this allows you to lift your visor up without having to take your PPE off.

6. Need hearing protection?

When working in high noise environments, hearing safety is paramount. The Z-Link+ with the Quiet-Link™ earmuffs installed has an NRR of 25, versus 21 with the Z4 using the Quiet-Slim™ earmuffs, making this headtop better suited to noisier environments.

7. Accessories

The Z-Link+ and Z4 have additional accessories which they’re both compatible with. If you need the ability to communicate with your team via radio then our in-helmet communication system, the Comms-Link™ can be installed in both of these headtops which is perfect for working in remote areas or confined spaces. If you’re working in areas with poor lighting, then the Vision-Link™ can be mounted to the headtops, giving you concentrated light in your line of sight. And if you need additional padding for both comfort and sizing, then the Comfort-Link™ system can be installed to help with this.

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