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Where we began

Our journey into respiratory protection began in the industrial market in the 1970’s. Back then, comfort and safety with PPE were conflicting ideas, and we wanted to change this for the better. Through our experience of being a respiratory protection market leader we have worked with the world’s best engineering minds, our end users across the globe and with universities to create technology that revolutionizes peoples breathing experience.

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Today, that philosophy still stands as we now join the GVS Group, a global market leader and specialist in the filtration industry. Together, we embark on a new frontier in respiratory protection, driven by our passion for protecting people.

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Protecting people drives everything we do.

As we design, develop, and manufacture our products we constantly ask ourselves, will this enhance our customers health and safety? The result, respiratory protection that is intuitive, capable, and profound.

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Giving back

We are a thankful company, committed to giving back to those in need. Protecting people for life’s best moment is not just a motto to us. It drives everything we do and what we live by. We aim to raise awareness of humanitarian issues and help marginalized and vulnerable communities through our supported charities. We want to help build a better future, so we can all enjoy life’s best moments.