Version Number: 2.0.1

Release Date: Apr 24, 2018


  • Re-configure cartridge calibrations
  • Adjust the expected calibration gas concentration
  • Adjust the low flow threshold
  • Synchronize the internal clock
  • Resolve bugs: Web server crashes, rebooting over wifi
  • Support for new oxygen sensors (v2.0.1)


Using the link in the “Download” section, download the “RPB GX4 Bootloader Utility” onto a Microsoft® Windows® computer.

Establishing the connection:

  1. Before the Boot-loader utility can upgrade your GX4, a connection between the computer and the GX4 must be established.
  2. Follow the instructions in your instruction manual to connect your computer your GX4.
  3. Important: Take note of what mode you have used to connect to the GX4.
    1. Hotspot mode - where your computer connects to the GX4.
    2. Client mode - where both the GX4 and your computer connect to a network infrastructure.
  4. Once you believe it is connected, test this connection by browsing to the internal website of your GX4 unit.

GX4 Boot-loader

Turn your GX4 off by holding the OK button. Then based on your connection mode, follow the relevant instructions below:

GX4 Boot-loader Mode - Hotspot:

Before turning the unit back on,

  1. Press and hold the left and middle buttons below the LCD, then hold the OK button until the unit chirps.
  2. When the LED for slot 1 flashes green, the unit is ready.

GX4 Boot-loader Mode - Client:

Before turning the unit back on,

  1. Press and hold the left and right buttons, then press and hold the OK button until the unit chirps.
  2. When the LED for slot 2 flashes green, the unit is ready. Note: this takes approximately 30 seconds.

Warning: If the update fails, do not power down or the client settings will be lost. If this happens, you must follow instructions for Hotspot mode.

Software Instructions:

Run the "RPB GX4 Boot-loader Utility" executable on your computer.

Enter the IP address (the same one used to browse to the internal website) and press connect. Note: When in Hotspot mode, the IP address will always be

Press the "Upgrade GX4" button and wait for approximately 50 seconds.

The software will automatically perform the upgrade, then restart the GX4 with the new firmware.

Your GX4 is now running the latest firmware and is ready to commence operation.


Click below to download the latest upgrade utility.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens to my settings?

Nothing, this upgrade respects your existing settings, leaving them intact.

Are my logs safe?

Yes, the logs are stored in a separate module. They can only be erased at the RPB Factory.

Do I need to install anything?

No, the Utility runs as a standalone executable. Once you delete it, all traces are gone.

Can firmware upgrades damage my unit?

No, even if power is lost mid-way through the upgrade, you can still upgrade again later. However, once your existing application has been erased, your GX4 will not work until the upgrade is successful.

I received "verification failed", now what?

Do not power down. Try run the upgrade utility again. This is typically caused by an interference in the network. If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

My unit won't turn on anymore.

A previous attempt has failed. Install the upgrade using hotspot mode.

What port does the utility use?

UDP:6234. The Bootloader Utility only communicates with the specified IP address via UDP port 6234. No other connections to the network are made.