Our welding respirators are built with your comfort in mind.

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Safety is a given, comfort is priority

As a result of our focus on comfort, our fabrication line includes the world's lightest welding/grinding respirator. All our gear is made from tough, lightweight materials to offer maximum comfort without compromising on safety.

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Boost productivity

Our respirators are designed so that you have a fast, easy transition between welding and grinding, perfect for quick grinds and checking welds. No need to waste time or risk exposure to hazards by switching helmets.

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Work your way

Our fabrication range works with a wide range of optional add-on accessories to make sure you have the tools you need, to work the way you want.

Case study: Z4 with PX4 PAPR

Pacific Fishermans Shipyard

" I really liked it. It was a lot more comfortable than I expected it to be, taking a glance at it I thought I’d be a little heavier. I didn’t think I’d get as much movement in my head as I’m welding but it turned out to fit very nice and felt really good. I was getting that fresh supply within the hood, which really helped my breathing."

Comfort and adaptability for any fabrication environment

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Individual temperature control

It's easy to stay comfortable in hot or cold working conditions with the C40 Climate Control Device. This powerful, lightweight device allows you to cool your incoming supplied air by up to 52˚F, or heat it by up to 33˚F.

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See better, weld better

For better visibilty and precision in dark, enclosed spaces, the Vision-Link light can be added to any RPB fabrication respirator without requiring modifications.

Get more out of the mandatory

You can’t put a price on life’s best moments, but we offer excellent value when it comes to safety. By investing in solid R&D, we’ve created what we believe are the best RPE products in the world. The results are cutting-edge products like the world’s lightest welding/grinding respirator.