Light as a feather, tough as steel.

The RPB Z4 is the lightest welding/grinding respirator in the world. The Z4 weighs only 1.77 pounds and was designed with the primary focus on comfort to reduce aches and strains on your neck and back without sacrificing protection.


Experience the difference.

Our Buy-to-Try Program allows customers to try the Z4 for one month, so you can experience the difference. It's as simple as selecting the product and filling out your contact details, then an RPB representative will be in touch. The trial allows you to try, compare and if you're still not satisfied we'll happily give your money back.

Get more out of the mandatory

You can’t put a price on life’s best moments, but we offer excellent value when it comes to safety. By investing in solid R&D, we’ve created what we believe are the best RPE products in the world. The results are cutting-edge products like the world’s lightest welding/grinding respirator.